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Can Massot

Surroundings and activities

The surroundings are ideal for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and the place to find tranquility Emporda.

Also great for kayaking walk embasament Boadella-Darnius that within minutes of the house is.

All trips are ideal for making with family.
The website will offer some in, discover them!

Platanus Hispanica  Can Massot

The Platanus (Platanus hispanica) is within the grounds of Can Massot. For its special 1987 was declared Monumental Catalunya.The Platanus tree, 18 meters high and 5.2 crown 30 a barrel vault stands in front of the farmhouse causing a fresh and pleasant shade in summer

Dolmen Puig de Caneres

Puig de Caneres dolmen is a tomb.
With an antiquity approximately 3500 a.C. Probablemente belongs to the Principles of Population Neolithic era metal.
It is located in a village north of agroforestry Paraje Darnius.

Ermita de Sant Esteve del Llop

Ermita de Sant Esteve del Llop (4 km)
Romanesque chapel dating from the fourteenth century. The structure of primitive Romanesque apse (eleventh century). The rest of the building looks rebuilt after the Middle Ages. It is set in beautiful meadow surrounded by oak and cork. 4 km from the center and very close Darnius Dolmen Puig Kennels.
Mirador de la Tortuga

Mirador de la Tortuga

Exit perfect for a morning with family. The gazebo is located near the house and in him are fantastic views of the Empordà. Children love to climb on top of the giant turtle lost as it gives name. When you get there you find a view of the marsh and rivers that flow.
lake Darnius-Boadella

Lake Darnius-Boadella

Als construit GEmbassament anys to 60 per producció d'energy, abastir d'Aigua Figueres i els Regants flat. Actualment has esdevingut També punt confluence practice per Nàutics esports i com to Lleure area, Excursionisme i BTT. Fer is pruned guiades visit to the dam, semper amb check prior concerted.
Arrive Com-hi:
- Prey: S'hi pot accedir des N-II per the GI-502 trencant Darnius Directorate or Directorate GIV-5042 Boadella i Escaules them.
- To pantà: Seguint the GR-2 ens desviem a l'west quan Passem a l'Alçada Boadella d'Empordà hank you for your request, shortly we will contact you to confirm the reservation..

Mirador del Serrat del Sentinella

This viewpoint constructive and oriented southwest, offers magnificent views of the dam and reservoir Boadella, as well as on other natural elements identifying this place such as pine, cork and Meadows .

How to get there:

We leave Can Massot, continue along the road of Maçanet and we turn left on the direction Club Nautico, at the same rise we find indicated on the left as you reach the viewpoint. The track is dirt and a few meters we find a biforcation, we take the The left and takes us directly to the Mirador.

Font de la Deu

How to get there:
Leaving Can Massot through the fields, we headed to the track. Once there, we left. When we find the road, the cross and see a sign that says "Do not play with fire." Right there is a path down and if we segint, see oaks and finally find the source of God. Excursion to both the autumn and in summer. In the same way we can go back and the road will take you to break before reaching our house. Turn left and you will see Can Massot

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